Monday, March 7, 2011

Goodbye February, Hello March

Ever wonder what a large family is like? What a large family is like in February?

I'll tell you.


7 sick children
5 visits to the pediatrician
Make shift Sick Ward in my bedroom
Sitting outside at wee hours in the morning with croupy kids
Various temperatures running from 101-104
Puking in the car
1 test for the flu
1 test for strep
2 Tama flu prescriptions
1 Dexamethazone prescription
2 Albuterol prescriptions
5 Amoxacillan prescriptions
2 Omnicef prescriptions
2 large bottles of motrin
2 bottles of tylenol
cough drops
sore throat lozenges
diffusers running
2 jars of Mentholatum
Bottle of On Guard essential oil
Bottle of Breathe essential oil
Bottle of Frankinsense essential oil
2 boxes of thermometer plastic heads

And we're going back to the Dr. today. It's awesome.

As for March....and a large family? Spring sports for all five boys.

6 lacrosse practices a week
5-6 volleyball practices a week
3 soccer practices a week

Until 2 weeks when our schedule adds:

2 lacrosse games a week
2 volleyball games a week
2 soccer games a week

Even though February was, well, um, not even frustrating really. Just kind of like, "Are you serious?" as each new sick symptom appeared. I got through it somehow. And even though it seemed as though I lived at the drive up window at CVS, I found myself smiling almost every time I was there. I mean seriously. I was there almost on a daily basis and was asked every time, "Have you been here before?" I just giggled to myself in the suburban.

As for March, bring it on. I love the blossoms on the trees, the new growth peeking out of the ground, and the daily picnics we've had despite all the sickies. Yes, we'll be doing a lot of chasing and running around to all the practices and games, but the boys are happy. March means basketball to D and The Book of Mormon to me. It's almost like "Christmas" around here.

Thinking about St. Patrick's Day already. Plotting my fun and traditions for that morning. Do you do anything fun I need to know about?


Megan said...

I feel the same way about February, but we are still sick and it's now March. All I can say is with a newborn thrown into the mix, I am NOT enjoying the being sick phase. I am ready for my family to be healthy again. I hope your family gets healthy again too. Good Luck.

Erika said...

Wooosh! That's a lot of sickies, meds and pharmacy runs! Good luck in March! I am trying to read the BofM quick again...but I never seem to be able to get it done. I just muddle along. If you have a schedule, send it over to me will ya?! Thanks.

LeAnne said...

That sounds awful! I am getting over being sick myself. I am determined to eat better and exercise daily because I don't like being sick as often as I am. Good luck to ya!