Thursday, March 3, 2011

Books, Braids and Biscuits

I remember being a little girl at my grandma's house and listening to "Yertle the Turtle" on her record player. Other times I was there, we would read from the books, "Ferdinand" and "Little Black Sambo". There's something about those memories and not wanting to forget them. I looked up the books on line the other day and was delighted to find out that I could get those three books all for myself. I would have my "grandma's" books forever. Those memories forever. I was giddy as I opened the package when they were delivered. There they were. My memories of spending time with my grandma 30 years ago. I read through them eager to see if I even liked the books after all those years. Yip. I still do. :) And so do my kids.

S came out of the family room with my little wooden shoes on the other day. She wondered what they were. I explained that they were my special little wooden shoes from Holland. It got me thinking. I loved my little "Grandma Holland" hairdo too. Grandma Holland was an older lady that my uncle met while serving his LDS mission there. She stayed with my grandpa and grandma for several weeks one time. We liked to go over and visit her. We liked how she had her braids go over the top of her head. My sister and I loved to wear our hair like that to school because nobody wore their hair like that. (We didn't know it was because most 7-9 year old children don't sport 80 year old lady hair dos.) So with the little wooden shoes on S's feet, I couldn't resist on having her little "Grandma Holland" hairdo too.

Have you ever made thimble biscuits? Oh you must. I loved making them with my grandma. We'd roll out the dough, get our thimbles and cut out tiny little "biscuits". We'd cook them in the oven and then dip them in butter when they came out. Yesterday my girls made thimble biscuits just like I did all those years ago at my grandma's. They squished out the dough, ate the dough, cut out some biscuits and then dipped them in peanut butter once they were out of the oven.
So fun to think that I can share my childhood memories with my girlies. It's as simple as books, braids and biscuits.
*Speaking of books...want to do "March Madness" with me and read the Book of Mormon with me this month? It's not too late. I'm starting today along with my sister J. I promise you, your month will be better than any other time of the year. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself and let me know. :)


Charlotte said...

For me, books of my childhood include Wacky Wednesday, I wish I had Duck Feet, and Would you Rather Be a Bullfrog. One of Eric's all-time favorites is Bears in the Night (Berenstein Bears).

Yup, we have all four.

Good luck with your March Madness! I'd consider joining you, but I have my own challenge to complete. (I'm reading "The Heart of Buddha's Teaching", and because I'm willing to do that, a friend of mine is reading the Book of Mormon for the first time. Small price to pay, if you ask me!)

Amy said...

Wow! Your girls are getting so big!!

NelsonFamily said...

Joining you this time on your march madness. How many pages are you doing each day. I know I'll be blessed for reading it so fast.

Erika said...

Oh how cute! My dad served his mission in Holland so we use wooden shoes instead of stockings (I'm sure you know that already!). I love all things Holland though. Always have. Love the hair do too!