Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lost and found

The other day the girls and I headed out for our "interview our veterans" trip. We made a stop at our beloved St. George Temple. As soon as we parked the car, B asked, "Is this the temple that S and I were at when we were babies?" With a huge grin on my face I told her, "Yes". She was giddy at the thought. She looked over at the entrance where there is a water fountain and she said, "Mom, they have a sprinkler! Mom, did you bring our swimspoots? 'Cause I want to swim in the sprinkler." She settled by having pictures by the sprinkler rather than swimming in it.

We walked around the temple grounds until the girls found the huge set of steps. I told them that they could go all the way up but not to knock on the doors. B then said, "But we want to go in the temple." I told her that she could go in the temple when she got married. She then said, "Well, I want to get married in the temple." Yes, I was smiling.

Later on, I asked them if they'd like to go see Jesus. They both said yes and wondered where He was. I led them to the visitor center where there is a large Christus.

B sat down in front of it and asked, "How does He talk to us?" I got choked up at her desire to speak with Jesus. That's when I told her that we speak to him when we pray. That He listens. With her cute little girly voice she asked, "Like when we need to find something?" I was giggling and crying at the same time. Just a week earlier, I had misplaced my phone and asked the three little kids to kneel with me and pray for help in finding my phone. It was very sweet. They all kneeled there and listened to my prayer. Afterwards, I explained that we needed to keep kneeling and be quiet so that the Holy Ghost could help us know where to look. They all did. As I sat there in silence I offered another mother's prayer that they might learn from this experience. We spoke for a minute and then looked different places. I was led right to the phone. I quickly ran downstairs and showed the three little kids my phone. We kneeled again in thanks where this time I was quite emotional. So after having that experience just days before, I was very grateful that my prayer had been answered. My little kids had learned.

After hearing the recording there at the statue seven times at S's request, B headed over to a chair where she discovered the scriptures. She opened them up like she knew what she was doing. The sister missionary went over to her and asked her if she was reading. B said, "Yes". I asked B what it was. She said, "The Book of Mormon". The sister missionary seemed surprised at her answer. She asked B if it was her favorite book. B looked at her and said, "Yes, will you read it to me?" The Sister was so cute and found her favorite passage to read to her. She read a few words at a time and then B would repeat them completing an entire verse. It was a moment I would have liked to have frozen. It was a happy moment. A moment of joy.

Just about 45 minutes ago, S came up to me and said, "Heavenly Father. Find my purple cat." Really? Not only did my three year old daughter learn from that experience with my misplaced phone, but so did my two year old daughter. She came to me with faith knowing that if she prayed she could find her littlest pet shop kitty. I was hesitant. But with faith like that and having prayed for my children to learn, we quickly ran downstairs and prayed together. We found it. Afterwards I asked the little kids what we did next. B quickly said, "Say a prayer!" We knelt again where little g offered to say the prayer this time.

I'm grateful for the faith of a child/children. I'm grateful for their testimonies. I'm grateful for their examples. I'm grateful for these wonderful experiences of lost and found.

Perhaps it's because it's March and my decision to read The Book of Mormon this month in its entirety. I'm seeing the blessings of such a decision. I love that book. Want a copy?

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