Sunday, March 13, 2011

A weekend with Lou

My sister brought her five kids down to play over the weekend. That's 12 kids in the house. I let D hide away in his mancave most of the time. He's a good sport about it all. When he wasn't hiding away, he was with the boys watching Jimmer have the best game of his life. They were all pretty stoked having watched their BYU idol have a record game. Neat for them.
When she comes to town, there's one thing that we cannot escape no matter what. Swimming. Her kids pace back and forth around the swim pool fence and ask every few minutes if it's time to swim. By the time we let our kids go in, we've almost pulled our hair out. We try to tell them that the pool isn't warm. But, what do two moms know? It's warm outside, so surely the water is warm. They jump in only to find out that their mom's sort of knew what they were talking about. They come up gasping and frantically try to swim to the edge of the pool where they make a bee line over to the hot tub to warm up. It's a riot. So, there are ten kids in the hot tub with floaties, water skateboards and goggles. Meanwhile, my sister and I are sitting on the pool chairs watching the kids shiver, dare each other to jump in the pool, wipe snot across their faces, get in and out of the hot tub looking for a better pool toy than the next kid and so on. After while, we call it a "swim" and steer the kids out of the swim area where we can lock the fence and cross it off their to do list. Check.
We had a fondue party for those of us that didn't go watch Jimmer. The kids thought it was great. They had been asking for the brownies for hours so it was nice to finally let them have all they wanted. Check.
Then there was breakfast. Oh, who needs breakfast when they've all eaten last nights brownies and twinkies still on the counter left over from the fondue party? But it's pretty outside so we make donuts and send them out to eat them. Isn't that what you do? Send the kids outside with donuts for breakfast in their princess dresses?
Ever tried to blow in a voovoozella? The kids had fun trying. We were rolling, watching the kids try to make it blow like a horn.
We've recently discovered the movie "Enchanted". The five little kids and I go around the house singing all the songs and S likes to dress up in her princess dresses and dance with her "Prince Charming"/Gavin. For some reason, my sister's boys didn't want to dance with me while I was singing, "I've been dreaming of my true love's kiss".
We got some pictures of my prego sister at the park. She was a riot. I kind of think we feed off of each other. We have fun with each other and she's been a friend and an ear the last while. I love you Lou.
After parties, games, swimming, playing at parks, cooking and cleaning, B's picture says it best.


beatlesgirl said...

I need to come to your house for parties. sheesh. :) Looks fun!

Amy said...

Looks like an awesome time!! And I love the pictures you took of your sister! They are beautiful!!