Friday, April 15, 2011

It's getting crazy around here

It's crazy to think that my parents will be home in less than three weeks!

It's awesome crazy to think that my brother got engaged yesterday. Woot. Woot. Hooray for another sister.

And...possibly my kids' favorite day out of the entire school year. Crazy hair day. They tell me how many dumb hairdos they see on crazy hair day. They laugh at the people that think crazy is just spiking their hair up, wearing a ponytail backwards, or just spraying their hair a color. We go ALL out! It takes two hours in the morning cutting, shaving, parting, glueing, painting, tons of shampoo at night and perhaps a lot of tears to get all that craft paint and got 2be glue hair glue out Then, in the morning we'll buzz the rest of the hair off.. But, it's a small price to pay when I drop the boys off at the school and see everyone's reactions.

It's funny to think that it gives them such a feeling of confidence. They strut like they're beautiful peacocks. It makes them happy. And that...makes me happy.

So, this year we have...

Tiger's Blood

Ring of Fire

Umpa Lumpa (Not really, but with the colors he picked out, he looks like one.)


Chad Banks said...

Those hairdos are cool.

The Payne Family said...

AWESOME! That is my word for you whole post :)

I still have your girls' bows. We will have to play soon.

NelsonFamily said...

I will not show those pics to my kids or they will think I am a bad mom! You're awesome!

Cheryl said...

That hair style could really work for Jack.

Erika said...

What fun and crazy hair! I love it. Way to go!