Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break start

Church on Sunday was an absolute joke.  It was one of those mornings where no matter how many times I *snapped* my fingers at the kids, the chaos continued.  It started out by S yelling at J during the sacrament prayer that she needed her lipgloss.  Lovely.  The boys were having thumb wars, little g flat out has ants in his pants at all times, the kids were talking and laughing and then to top it all off, S yells from the other end of the bench, "There's something in my bum bum!"  That's when absolute horror struck and without even realizing what I was doing, I somewhat yelled out, "Oh my heck!"  At that point I signaled for her to come down to me.  She said it again and I forced myself to giggle knowing that there were half the wards heads looking our direction.  I passed her on to D as he is the one on the aisle and commanded him to take her out and see what in the world was going on.  I never did ask.  Finally, relief came.  I got to leave the chaos and accompany someone on the piano.  I was so tempted to abandon my family for the next fifteen minutes but the golden rule popped into my head and I returned to the crazy bench.  As soon as the hour was over, I made an announcement to all those sitting around us that I was sorry for the circus.  I mean we always put one on, but that was a circus that we could have charged admission for.

Just ten minutes after returning home it donned on me that I had made a terrible mistake.  In all my efforts to be ahead of the game for this coming weekend, I had actually purchased Easter early and had kept it out in my car until no one was watching me bring it in and hide it. That's where the mistake was.  Eight melted bunnies, bags and bags of melted Kisses and Reese's.  I ran out not caring who saw what and brought the bags in.  There they were.  Pools of chocolate.  Have you ever tried to open a Kiss or a Reese's cup that has been melted before?  It is a royal pain to try to open it when the chocolate in now in between every single piece of foil and paper.  Not really worth it actually.  The one good thing in all of this, I literally forced myself to buy the three little kids those cheap yucky bunnies since they wouldn't know any better.  So, more cheap yucky bunnies were purchased yesterday for their Easter baskets.

As the boys were having fun playing card games together yesterday,we kept hearing this little beep from the alarm system.  Finally, I went in to see what was going on.  It said that there was an alarm failure.  I didn't know what that meant so I just started pushing buttons until the alarm really did go off.  I was frantic and really studied the alarm panel until I found buttons that said, "off".  I pushed it and all was good.  The intense ring of the alarm and the dumb little beep were now gone.  We could finally go on with our day.  I continued on upstairs checking emails at which I opened one that made my day.  It was a final response from ABC news archives department.  They had decided to let me have the April 7, 1996 airing of 60 Minutes put on DVD.  I ran downstairs to tell the boys the good news when I saw a policeman walking by the window.  Of course I asked, "Why is there a cop outside our house?"  I went and opened the front door, walked around the side of the house and asked the two cops if something was going on.  They told me that someone had made a call that there was a stand off at this location.  I gasped.  Sheepishly I told them that I had pushed a button on my alarm system.  They asked me some questions, asked if they could come in, whether or not there were any dogs, looked at the alarm system, walked around the house, asked for my Identification and then walkie talkied in to say that they didn't need the other back up.  Like a SWAT team and helicopter.  My eyes were huge!  Had I really done such a huge thing?  I apologized up the yingyang and told them that I would learn my system.  He explained all that that button entailed.  No wonder my phone hadn't worked.  That was part of it.  After sending the two buff men with bullet proof vests on their way around the corner to their hidden car, I marched back in to my children that had come out from hiding.  We talked and we laughed.  C teased.  We decided that although their Spring break plans aren't "Spring breaky", they're anything but dull. I mean really.  Two year old sister that yells she has something in her bum bum at church, melted Easter bunnies, and the SWAT team showing up. 

We're off to a great Spring Break start.

*My mom suggested a new item to be thrown into my purse for Sundays.  I think it's perfect.


Erika said...

That sounds like an impressive Spring Break!! You have got a lot accomplished already. And I like the bag....very nice. Maybe you should start selling them! ;)

Angelie Karen said...

I thought that was B in the bag & i was so confused because i know her hair was not that long!! but now i got it :) :) cute!