Monday, June 13, 2011

School's out for summer!

While the rest of the country has enjoyed a week or two of summer vacation, we just got out of school last Thursday.  It feels good.  No more homework, finals, practices, programs, money for school lunches, etc.  Love it.  We've had fun throwing parties, attending parties, planning showers, hosting jewelry open houses, swimming, church callings, reading, and devouring Popsicles.  The boys are out having a late night swim right now.  I'm sure the neighbors are loving it seeing how it's 10:24 P.M. 

Last night we attended C's Seminary graduation.  It was neat.  C looked so grown up in his suit.  D told him tonight that he looked like a missionary up there.  Made me smile.  A picture?  Oh, we had one taken.  But it's one that will NOT be anywhere except C's scrapbook.  Ever have one of those days where you think you look amazing with the perfect outfit, fabulous hair, great shoes and accessories?  I had one of those until I saw the picture.  Thing hair was sick and my smile was so forced and cheesy that is was just WRONG.

For Family Home Evening tonight, we discussed talents and how important it is to develop them and then to share them.  I don't ever want my kids to feel like they don't have any talents.  It makes me really uncomfortable when I hear people say that. 

I read the book, "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop last week.  Made me thankful for my lucky stars.  And...makes me want to get out there and help anyone that is in a bad, unhealthy, or abusive relationship!  I'm here.  I'm yours.  Let's get you out of there!

Remember how I was running around like crazy getting everything perfect for when my mom and dad got home?  Well, I hadn't found the couches that I wanted just yet.  But I have now.  They make me giddy.  Um, ya, now that I've rearranged the room I'm seeing that I finally need to extend that one window panel.  Kind of funny.

Speaking of giddy....I love, (Like "Gotta have it" at Coldstone) this one salad I make.  I had it at a restaurant years ago and I've made it ever since.  Fresh pineapple, shaved coconut, and toasted macadamia nuts.  I eat it until the roof of my mouth is raw.  It's that good!  It's great for summer but quite honestly I'll have it any time.  I've even had it as my contribution to a Thanksgiving one year.  :)

Our summer calendar has lots on it.  It's quite busy.  The summers tend to be busier now that my kids are older.   You'd think that things would slow down in the summer, but man, we're going like crazy.  What's on the calendar?  What's NOT on the calendar?  Somehow there's always a little room for my spontanaeity.

A's 16th birthday.
little g's 6th birthday.
J's 10th birthday.
G's 12th birthday.
G's birthday party.
D's birthday.
B's 4th birthday.
Possibly smuggle in a 16th party for A.
High School Graduation for C.
Graduation parties.
High Adventure for the two big boys.
Youth Conference for the two big boys.
G gets ordained a Deacon.
Church history tour for C.
BYU Volleyball camp for A.
Learning and practicing with my camera.
Family vacation to Grand Canyon and L.A.
I'm going to Oregon for a quinceƱera.
Family Reunion.
A gets ordained a Priest.
My brother's wedding.
My future sister-in-law's bridal shower.
C gets ordained an Elder.
C gets his mission call.  (I can't believe I just said that)
Bi-weekly parties for the three middle boys.
Morning runs with J and G.
Church callings.
Merit badges.
Free movies.
Visit family.
Swimming, swimming and more swimming.
Bulk amount of Popsicles.

We'll just wave at each other as we come and go.  Sounds great.  Sounds fun.

We'll just roll with it.  I feel like a road runner always on the go.  Running and running.  (In the car)  When I'm not running, you'll find me playing lifeguard.  That's kind of the downfall of having a pool.  It's exhausting.

And....I will fit in time to date and swoon, hug and spoon my hubby.  Just because he's alright.  ;)


The Payne Family said...

You are so busy. Thanks for making a day to squeeze us in ;) Can't wait to play!

Erika said...

Looks busy busy!! And that pineapple salad looks yummy...except for my blasted heartburn..