Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pretty hair and hair pretties

A couple days ago I was racing around with the girls between parties, shopping, and getting labs done.  In our hurrying around, we stopped to grab some happy meals.  One for each of us.  Yes, I included.  The girls got dolls in theirs.  They were happy.  I looked in my bag and felt like a little girl again.  Could it be?  Was it really what I had wanted all growing up?  (Go here to see an example)  There it was right in front of me and to think it came from a Happy Meal. 

I opened the bag, took the plastic off of her head and it was beautiful.  A doll head with long beautiful hair and comb included. 

Yesterday while sitting at the doctor with five children, (Three for croup and two for sports physicals and vaccines.) S was digging in my purse and pulled out my prized doll head.  She turned to me and asked where the arms and legs were.  I'm sure I looked confused back when I responded.  I just told her that it didn't need arms and legs and that it was just a doll to comb her hair.  Not really buying into that whole thing, she quietly said, "Oh" and then put the doll back in my purse.  In my eyes, that's what dolls were for.  I couldn't imagine having a doll that you couldn't do their hair. 

I dug out the doll head, found the comb and started combing away.  I featherd her hair perfectly.  Soon the doctor came in and I set the doll down.  I saw it in A's sixteen year old hands a few minutes later.  My eyes probably popped out of my head as I saw my teenage son just pulling the comb threw the hair.  He wasn't combing it right.  I could see that he was combing the curl right out of it.  I just sat and watched as the pediatrician was working with the little kids.  When we got to the car, I pulled out the doll.  Yes, her hair had been badly treated.  It would never be feathered so beautifully again.  I told A that he had ruined the doll's hair and that I had wanted one my entire life.  He then looked at me in disbelief and laughed with the other boys. 

So, it's a little strange.  A lot strange.  I'm okay with that.  I now have my doll head and comb and it's going to be tucked away until some other little girl can appreciate it. 

The girls have called their hair bows and clips "hair pretties" forever.  It's very cute.  I tell them to run and get the "hair pretty" box when we're getting ready each morning.  They love their "hair pretties".

Yesterday we had bow tie pasta for dinner.  I heard B excitedly tell S, "Look at all the 'hair pretties' noodles."  Then they took turns placing them on their hair like they normally would with their "hair pretties".

So, although my girls think that a doll without arms and legs isn't the best thing around, they do appreciate having their hair pretty with "hair pretties".

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