Sunday, May 29, 2011

While the cat's away...

D and three of the boys went to the cabin for the weekend.  I had visions of visiting my parents, or hanging with my sister and her new baby, but when it got right down to it, I just wanted to stay home.

I laughed at the thought of all the things I could do while D was gone.  You know, the whole "While the cat's away, the mice play".  Thing is....that's not really my style.  I'm too cheap and I'd rather ask for permission rather than for forgiveness.  It's an integrity thing and a "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you" motto.

We didn't just sit around though.  The girls and I went on a shopping spree at Saver's.  Too funny.  The girls got several new "to them" things to wear and I scored about 60 teeny tiny tart tins complete with the recipe booklet from 1960. 

The girls wanted a tea party once they saw the little tart tins.  We made the tarts and filled them with nutella and whipped cream.  I've always loved teeny things and then to have my own daughters now request a tea party made me almost giddy.

We made a grocery store run and happened onto corn on the cob.  How Memorial Day is that?  I shucked a few ears and decided that we would make elote.  So good!  I had the chicken marinated, the corn ready to grill, only to find out that the propane on the bbq was out.  So, I moved the bbq inside.  That's right.  Chicken cooked on the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine, and corn cooked over the burners on the stove.  It turned out yummy.  If you haven't ever been to "Our Best Bites" blog, GO!  They truly have yummy foods.

After staring at myself for a couple days and having decided that I missed D, I bought a $6.99 hair color and decided to go darker.  It felt good to "wash that gray right out of my hair".  We'll see what he thinks when I greet him tomorrow.  I don't know what going darker has to do with missing D, but my hair was bugging me and I was bored. 

Other than that, same-o, same-o.  Can't wait to get my man home because it's just really not that cool while the cat's away. 


The Payne Family said...

Lookin' gorgeous!

A tea party would make me giddy too ;) Good thing we have little girls to join us!

I love Our Best Bites! Have you tried their taquitos? YUM!

Erika said...

Oooh I love mini stuff too!!! And I love the hair color!

Amy said...

Hey friend! I just spend the last 30 minutes reading back through your blog posts! I loved them! It's so fun reading about your life and what you are up to! I loved the post about true beauty. And I have the same feelings and concerns about raising Miss B with the right perspective. Thanks for your thoughts!

Cheri said...

I love it when Rob's gone but it's always fun when he returns. BTW you look smokien...