Sunday, July 17, 2011

Written by my 10 year old

Today is J's 10th birthday.  I can't believe it.  I was so pooped from all my traveling that I had him write his own talk for primary today.  I was going to help him once he got his thoughts on paper, but it was so cute and sincere, I didn't touch it.  He asked B if she wanted to stand next to him while he gave his talk.  She smiled and said, "yes". 

"About three years ago my family went to the temple to seal my little sister B to our family because she was adopted.  We got to the temple and we all thought it was beautiful.  We went in and had to dress in only white clothes.  We went to the sealing room.  Right before the sealing room there was the Celestial room which is the sacred toom in the temple.  Something that was very special was that my great-grandpa sealed her.  We got to the sealing room and saw all of our family members.  My grandpa said the prayer and after it felt very special like wow my little sister just got sealed to us.  She takes a very big part in my life.  I'd like to bear my testimony that I know that Heavenly Father has blessed my family and I to have a little sister like B.  I know this church is true and I know that Joseph Smith and Thomas S, Monson are both true prophets."

Isn't that the sweetest and neatest thing ever?  Happy Birthday J.  I'm so glad that I have you.  I couldn't have had a better concert buddy this weekend.  You were a blast.  I love you.

*Another hilight today....watching A participate as a priest for the first time today with C while doing the Sacrament.  It was such a neat sight and I couldn't stop crying. 

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Jan Hicken said...

That's a fine bunch of boys you're raising at your house. Pat yourself on the back, Mom. :)