Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to school

Wow, summer is over.  At least the non structured two month period is.  It's still hot.  Like, I find myself complaining hot.  Like, setting a record since 2001 hot.'s been a great summer and should be a great school year.  We've been busy school shopping for school supplies that inclue ziplocks, baby wipes, paper towels, kleenex, Purell, etc.  Weird.  Times have changed.  It was time for a couple new backpacks and G is now in middle school so he got new clothes due to no more uniforms.  He was thrilled about that.  We've made three trips to the Hurley store just in the last three days.  But, he and A are outfitted and ready to go.  A, my money consious child, hopes he doesn't have to buy anymore clothes until his mission.  But, he also has big plans of growing taller than 6'3" so we'll see how that goes.  G was cute watching how he spent his money.  I quite liked it actually.

We gathered together as a family yesterday for blessings twice.  First, right after Stake Conference where C was ordained an elder, and then last night where the kids lines up for Father's blessings to begin the new school year.  All the blessings were so neat and were truly inspired for each child.  This year is going to be a crazy one seeing how six of the children all have extra curricular activities above and beyond scouts and young mens.  What's everyone doing?  A is running cross country.  G is playing lacrosse.  J is playing flag football.  little g is playing soccer.  B is in preschool, tap and ballet.  S is also in tap and ballet. 

This morning went really well as I sent all the kids out the door with their backpacks loaded, lunches, and hugs all around.  This year is different than any before.  High school and middle school were both pushed back an hour so there is time for breakfast now.  No more 6:00 A.M. seminary.  Yippee

The kids all greeted me with smiles saying they liked their teachers and were excited about the year.  I'm excited too.  I think my girls just may be turning the corner as one of my good girlfriends told me about her twinnies.  They've been playing in their room the last couple of days.  Do you have ANY idea how life changing that is?  Remember those posts awhile back about their nap times?  Nothing has changed.  They still get into mischief but playing in their room is just pure awesomeness!!  I don't think I can tell you how giddy that makes me.  Actually, it just gives me hope. 

So, here's to another year of school.  Another year of learning, not only reading, writing and arithmatic, but learning how to push forward, to work harder, to work smarter, to be inclusive, to be careful, to be a leader, to be an example, to practice their faith, to be responsible, to be patient, to be happy.  My children are learning these things.  It takes time.  I've taken time.  I'm happy.  :)

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