Sunday, August 28, 2011

Next time

Yesterday was SO. MUCH. FUN!!

I love my suburban.  I remember driving it off the lot a few years ago thinking I had the most amazing car in the world.  It felt as though I was driving a truck high off the ground.  I was spoiled with leather, a DVD player, Onstar, eight seats,  lots of cargo space and the list goes on and on.  I've gotten really good at driving and parking it.  I've taught two sons how to drive in it.  It's taken me lots of different places.  It makes me feel independent.  But not even my suburban can compare with the dream of a ride I took yesterday.  I laughed and giggled the entire five times around the 1.1 mile track in my Porsche.  Oh, no, not my Porsche.  Just the one my spoiled little self got to drive yesterday.  Helmet and all.  Unfortunately my hair didn't look like Faye's of Progressive Insurance when she took her helmet off.  I did in fact have helmet hair.

D knows someone that invited us to spend the day out at his business.  It was a rough day I tell ya.  Me and my Porsche.  D and C driving each of their own Lamborghinis.  A, G, and J driving along side a professional car racer in a Ferrari.  It will be a memory that we'll have forever.  The boys talk of going back.  I tell them to enjoy their videos because that's all the "next time" they're going to get!  (Seeing how we added it all up and it would have cost us around $2000)

I know I giggled my entire five laps around the track.  But when I watched my video I laughed and laughed and had a huge smile on my face.  I had fun.  D on the other hand, was sure that I was a dork and wanted me to just be quiet and drive my car.  I quite like my laugh.  Makes me happy. 

I've never really understood men and their need for speed.  What's really so cool about that?!  It was awesome flooring the pedal and getting to 95 mph in a short distance and going around a corner at 47 mph and not tipping over.   I was just crazy out there!  lol

But, I'm back in my suburban now and I'm happy that I have it.  Happy that it can take me, my family and friends to all kinds of great places.  After all, I've got my own "next time" video to enjoy forever. 


tgood said...

That's awesome! I'm kind of jealous, and I'm not a "need for speed" type person. Such a fun experience!

Erika said...

Ooooh how fun! Not something you do every day!