Thursday, September 1, 2011

So yummy I want to eat it

I walked into Anthrologie the other day and I felt as though I was in a cartoon with my body following my nose.  I could hardly even pay attention to the fun little details throughout the store because it smelled so yummy in there.  Like, "I want to eat it up" yummy.  After doing a quick circle around the store, I grabbed the first candle I met and then proceeded to the back where I found the second candle that was calling my name.  Needless to say, I walked out of there with the two most amazing candles EVER!  You know me.  I've got a thing for lipgloss and all things smelly.  (Yummy smelly that is.  I don't smell socks to determine if they're clean or not.)  Anyway...I've burned the Sugar Cookie candle by Gold Canyon religiously for about eight years now.  I've bought them in bulk.  Given them as gifts.  Run to Postnet just to buy one from behind the counter.  Yes, they are that good.  But, my nose knows yummy when it smells it and sugar cookie is going to be taking a vacation.  You know how I really feel?   I feel like sending the family away to the cabin this weekend so that I can just enjoy these exotic smelling candles all by myself.  Maybe have a bubble bath.  Probably eat a Caramel Almond frozen yogurt from Yogurtland covered in coconut, almonds and caramel syrup.  Wow, time to wake up and get back to reality.  Have I mentioned how yummy they smell?  How they take you to a whole other place?  You need to get yourself these candles.  Calgon ain't got nothin' on these babies!!

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