Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

We took the two cars and headed out of town for the weekend.  His and hers style.  That's how we roll.  At least for now. 

We had hamburgers and hamburgers.  I had a hot dog and a hot dog.  We didn't think of coordinating meals with the other family members so it was quite funny. 

The kids had fun chasing down horny toads.  Like thirty two of them to be exact.  Here G is with twenty of them on himself.  Thirteen babies and 7 big ones.  Here he is with his cousin placing the twenty on another cousin.  They had so much fun naming each of them.  Seriously.  They could recognize them due to birthmarks (LOL) and other characteristics.  Fun memories. 

A climbed trees as usual.  He insisted he didn't need a shower until in the morning because he was in a tree while the rest of us were around the campfire getting stinky.  Ya, okay. Doesn't smoke rise

All my life I've kind of been trained to look for deer while driving through the mountains.  My dad is an avid hunter so we were always on the lookout.  It seemed as though we never saw a deer before my dad did.  It was like he had deer antennas.  A's starting to catch onto this whole "Mom loves eagles" thing.  He's watching for eagles, huge birds and nests all the time.  He mentioned the other day how I've got him liking birds now.  So cool.  Anyway, it's hard to look for deer like my brain has been trained when I'm looking up in the tops of the trees now.  But, I did it quite well today.  A was driving back down the mountain when I saw a "huge" bird.  He quickly asked if he should turn around and go back.  "Yes, as soon as you find a place that you can!"  So, he did.  I grabbed my camera and sure enough, a golden eagle perched in a dead tree.  It soon took flight and I was giddy with excitement.  I mean really.  Check out those wings and feathers.  Awesome.  (I actually just sang that in my head.)
We went to a small town where my Great great great grandpa was the first to settle it.  My kids were excited to get a picture with their 4th great grandpa.  B had an instant connection while S wasn't quite so sure about the whole thing.  Actually, she went racing up to him calling him grandpa until I don't know what happened.
Well, now it's my turn to go shower.  I touch my ponytail and it seems like I should just break out in song singing, "I'm My Own Grandpa" around the campfire.  (Just because that song is a family favorite.)  My hair smells so smokey.  I'm sure our waitress today loved serving the campfire crew.  Oh well.

What did you do for Labor Day?

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