Saturday, September 10, 2011

There's a future missionary around here

After receiving 178 guesses as to where C might be called on his mission, he opened his call Thursday evening at our home with lots of friends and a little bit of family.  (Thanks K & B)

He has been called to the Mexico Guadalajara Mission.  He reports to the Provo MTC at the end of December.  We are so excited.  C is excited to earn a little more money before he leaves.  The boys are excited to have him for one more Christmas.  Me?  I'm thrilled with all of the above. 

Thanks for making your guesses.  It has been a lot of fun for our family to see the dots appear on the map for the last week or so.  Would you believe C guessed that he would go to Mexico?  He says he never ever imagined that he would go there.  He just decided to guess that since no one else had and it needed a sticker on it.  Just one hour before he opened his call, two guesses came in for Mexico from younger cousins.  One of which actually chose his specific mission. 

Our favorite guess?  Ireland.  "Red head" speaking.  Made us laugh our heads off every time we read it.

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