Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You is...I love you

You is beautiful.

You is smart.

You is important.

Can you imagine being told this all the time by someone that you loved?  I think in some ways we are, but I'm going to hold my children close to me, look them in the eyes and tell them the same thing. 

The last while I've made an effort to tell my children I love them different than I have before.  My anxiety is being lifted.  What is different?  Reassuring them that it's not conditioned on choices they make, grades they get, their performance in sports, scouting, CTR, etc.  We all have our agency.  I need to let them have theirs. I called them on the way home from my therapist tonight and spoke to them one by one excited to tell them this once again while REALLY believing what I was saying.  I'm happy.  To my seven children,
I love you NO matter what!  You don't ever have to EARN my love.  I love you ALREADY.  I will ALWAYS love you. 

*Possibly my favorite picture EVER taken!  If I could have it as a wall mural I would.  Not of me necessarily, but of me with my children.  The notperfectness of it all.  Joy.  Taken by my sister-in-law of Yellow Pear Photography.


Angie said...

what a wonderful idea! And yes, that picture is lovely. You could get one of those canvas wraps of it that is quite large if not exactly a mural.

Amanda and Brian said...

yes!! this piture is wonderful! it captures you and your children perfectly!

Amy said...

Love the picture! You are amazing and you should keep yourself in that picture and hang it proudly on your wall. You are a beautiful woman.