Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Gleaners

Look at this beautiful needlepoint of "The Gleaners" I got at the Salvation Army thrift store today.  I have loved this piece of art for years and now I finally have a huge 20x30 of it.  

Thank you Lois Burrage.  The thought of this piece being dismissed by your family actually breaks my heart.  But, it's in good hands and a good home now.  I can appreciate the many hours that it took to do it seeing how I've done a lot of cross stitch and even a little needlepoint once upon a time.  I love the story of Ruth and the fact that you loved it too.  I was almost three years old when you finished this.  I love my new heirloom.  It is something that I will enjoy for many years to come.


Angelie Karen said...

:) i love reading what you write! you're wonderful :)

Erika said...

What a great find!