Thursday, September 29, 2011

It popped!

About eighteen months ago I went to the podiatrist because my big toe was killing me!!  I could hardly walk, let alone train for the St. George marathon that I had drawn out to run with my siblings.  I've gotten arch supports, top of the line running shoes, a cortisone shot, and am forced to leave lots of my heels behind because of my toe.  My big toe is always black because I've developed some new way to walk due to my toe not moving right.  Someday, I'll have to have surgery on it due to previous injuries that have jacked it up, but for now, I'm grateful that I can walk and run on it. 

Something miraculous happened today.  I don't know how, or for how long, but my big toe popped and my big toe bends.  It hasn't been able to bend for over a year and a half.  That's huge!  Like, I was tempted to put it as my facebook status today, but decided it was a little on the weird side.  So, I've chosen to scream it from my desk out to the blog world and it feels great!!

I called D right away and told him my good news.  I've greeted each of the kids today telling them that my toe "popped" and that it bends.  J and G wanted to see it bend again before they just left for bed.  Too funny.

Anyway, it feels great to bend my toe like everyone else bends their toes.  I know you're thinking that this is sooo lame, but I seriously can hardly even contain myself.  Really.  :)  I'm giddy and I just keep enjoying watch my toe bend.

That's all. 


Charlotte said...

And you laughed at me and my sweatshirt dream? Glass houses, T, glass houses.


Amy said...

Adding to my gratitude list, toes that bend ;)