Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thank you HHS

I'm married to a guy that "likes" sports.  When we were dating he asked me if I liked sports.  Oh sure.  I played sports and had an amazing pair of black Nikes. (Before everyone else did)  At that point in my life, I didn't even know who any pro teams were except the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys thanks to Justin Matheson and Wes Baker in my fourth grade class that went on and on about them.  Or their cheerleaders rather.

Well, D loves sports.  Loves to watch them.  Keep stats on them.  Should have ESPN calling him up any day offering him a job.  He knows that much.  But, he wouldn't be good on ESPN because he'd say way too much about his teams.  He'd be the best coach and referee out there too.  ;)  You know what I mean?

I thought I'd shock him yesterday.  Kind of like, put him at the top of my totem pole kind of a thing.  See, his high school team was playing in the state football championship game last night.  They play in it every year.  Seriously, this is the fourth year in a row.  But, they never seem to pull out a win.  I kept hearing about this team they lose to every year.  Well, when that team was beat a couple weeks ago, there was a glimmer in his eye and some hope that his team might win their first state title.  I talked a lot of smack about my team beating his team, but I really didn't even care who won or have any allegiance to my own high school for that matter.  I'm gone, by dad isn't there, and my children aren't there, so it's just a school now.  We're different like that.  We keep laughing at each other and how differently we think.

When D was a kid, he would hold his Dallas Cowboys garbage can while watching them play for good luck.  He needed something like that for today's game.  A good luck party if you will.  Because I couldn't live with him another year after another possible championship loss.  It was time to intervene.

When he got home from work yesterday, he was greeted with a sign and balloons in the drive way.

"Eye of the Tiger" blaring as he walked in the door on the ipod dock.  A "good luck" spread to wear while watching the game.

An arch of balloons and a note I wrote to his high school team awaiting him on his computer screen.  Which read:

3A State Football Championship Game
November 18, 2011

Dear HHS football team,

Please win tonight!!  I'm not especially fond of your team seeing how I was a _____ and the CHS _____ rock!  But...I find my husband sobbing in "his" room every year after you've been defeated in the last three State Championships.  Our 20 year anniversary is next week and I would like my husband happy and in good spirits for our weekend getaway.  So, just because I love him so much, I'd like you and your "Eye of the Tiger" team to tear it up out there.  

Thank you.

He was like his eight year old self all over again wearing his beanie, shirt and gloves for the entire game hoping they were good luck.  Must have been, because his team took state.  Thank you Tigers!!    He was all smiles and took the family out afterwards to watch Happy Feet his beanie, shirt, gloves and cupid pajama pants.

Now there's the sports fan I fell in love with.  And the perfect situation to be "festive" D.  Seriously, black and red look good on him.  You're looking pretty hot D.

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Angelie Karen said...

ha ha ha Benjamin & I had the SAME arrangement... but alas! The tigers pulled through! good work :) guess we owe it all to you!