Sunday, November 20, 2011

All put back together again

It seems like whenever it's a holiday, we're out of town or it's a Sunday, we're headed to the E.R.    Seriously.  What's up with that?

B and S were playing on the stairs in front of the big mirror and got silly.  Too silly I guess because B ended up crying with that dreaded cry.  J brought her down to me and I lifted her onto the counter to see if she had a bump that needed ice.  Nope, just a huge gash that needed staples.  So, I calmly screamed my head off for D to come running down the stairs.  We threw a pack of chopped up frozen bell peppers on her head with a dish towel and raced her to the hospital. Actually D did, because I had a practice at our house in just twenty minutes.

Two hours and six staples later she was playing in my room with S pretending that they were dead.

Doing silly poses and  putting lipstick on D.

Glad she's still her cute little self and all put together again.

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