Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Have you ever tried to catch a gobbler?  I haven't either but I did run a 5k with three of the boys Thanksgiving morning.  As hard as I tried to get the boys to wear their turkey hats while running the race, there was no convincing them.  So, we put on our shirts and hats when we got home and struck our best turkey pose.  Not really, but C sure does look like one.  :)

We loaded up the suburban a couple hours later and headed out for Thanksgiving lunch.  Yip, that's how we do it some years.  We go out to eat Thanksgiving.  It's not cheating and it's not lazy.  It's not cheap either.  But, it's fun and creating memories as a family.  The kids were happy.

little g enjoyed his plate full of bacon, orange chicken and a slice of wheat bread.  What?  A slice of wheat bread for Thanksgiving when there were hundreds of choices?  Too funny.

The bacon wasn't just a hit for little g.  I think all the kids had all they wanted.  G had fun with his fried turkey drumstick.  Don't let him fool you though.  He actually pulled every bit of meat off and then posed as though he had devoured the entire thing.  Can you even imagine?  It's just sick.

After returning home, D watched a football game and then he and I headed out for our 20 year anniversary getaway.  Still kind of wishing I was there....still!  I can't stand the confusion and the noise around here.  Crossing my fingers that tomorrow I'm good to go again as a mother of seven.  :)

We heard some amazing talks in church last Sunday prior to Thanksgiving.  Celia shared a story about her grand-dad.  Despite being under hospice care with cancer he was heard saying that he was so grateful for so many things.  He could have been complaining about being in bed, being in so much pain, etc.  But he was grateful for breakfast in bed every morning, the great views from every window of his bedroom and so on.  I talked with the boys about living our life like her grand-dad did.  Looking for the positive around us at all times.  Having a good day despite things going wrong or disappointments.  Recognizing our good lives when we're faced with hardships and trials.  I was grateful for that.  I've been trying to work on that myself the last year or so.  I find that when I do that, I'm easily convinced of my good situations and am grateful for all that I DO have.  I'm thankful that I'm learning that.  Hopefully I can teach my children that too.

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