Saturday, December 17, 2011

Their nanny got married today

When the girls were babies, D hired his sister to come help be a nanny for the summer.  I was kind of against it because I was doing just fine all by myself.  But D, was cute and insisted that I really could use some help.  He was right.  Not only was his sister a lot of help with the babies, but she cleaned and organized my pantry, the girls' room, and probably a lot of other places.  We got to know each other.  It was fun having a girl in the house.  She was respectful to me and a joy to be around.  I'm so grateful for her and the time we had together.  And, D, yes, I needed her.  I was able to enjoy my summer, enjoy my babies, and made a new friend.

Since then, my girls have grown up and have become best friends.

D's sister got married today.  She looked beautiful in the most gorgeous wedding dress.  It was stunning in person.

We enjoyed the day with family and it was fun seeing her with my baby girls grown up.

Congratulations Ang.  You looked beautiful and it was neat to share your special day with you.  I love you.  As I tucked my girls in bed tonight, I told them that you, their nanny got married today.

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Angelie Karen said...

you're so cute! that picture of me with them is precious... they're such beautiful girls! Thank you :)