Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 The girls have now completed two sessions of tap and ballet classes at the rec center.  They look forward to it every Monday.  After a few months now, they've finally gotten the dance lingo down.  They know ballet terms, tights, and leotards.  There at the beginning, B was asking when she could put on her "balleret-tard".

S found some Isotoner slippers in the bottom of my closet along with my clogging shoes the other day.  She quickly pulled them both out telling me that I could now go to dance with them.  I think we'll just dance in the privacy of our own home.  :)

C was able to watch them at class last week.  He watched them wondering if they were getting any better.  Like, he was serious!.  Just then, a grandmother of another girl leaned over to ask me if my daughter had had dance before.  I told her that it was her second session.  She said that she "could tell".  C about fell over.  I was such a proud momma.  :)

Although they know that they now wear leotards, tights and skirts, I'll always remember hearing, "Mom, can I wear my balleret-tard?" and smile.

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