Sunday, December 11, 2011

He Will Not Be Still

It's so surreal to think that my oldest son C, had his mission farewell at church today.  People have asked me if I can believe that my son is old enough to be going on a mission.  Yes, I can.  I've seen him grow up and mature all these years.  I've seen his testimony grow, how he has become more independent, and how he has this eagerness to get out and teach the gospel.  He's ready.

It was the perfect day.  My heart is so full.  I'm humbled at the thought of a son that is so obedient and so strong.  He has taught me.

He asked Bishop Foutz, Bishop Owens, and Mike B. to sing his favorite song, "I Will Not Be Still".  I remember the first time C had our family listen to the song.  C had told us that the song described him perfectly.  It does.  The song was beautiful.  Not just because of the message, but by the men who sang it.  They have been so influential in C's life.  It couldn't have been better.

C had his Priest advisor, Kurt H. speak with him.  It was neat to hear him speak of things that led into C's talk perfectly.

Finally, my future missionary stood at the pulpit.  There he was.  Dark suit, missionary haircut, my son.  After much studying and prayer, he spoke with such confidence and humility hardly needing his notes.  I listened with a smile on my face, not wiping the stream of tears that ran down both cheeks.  I watched my nineteen year old son testify of the things he knows to be true.  It was beautiful.

We then closed with the song, "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again".  Then I allowed myself to wipe my tears.  My son sat on the stage all grown up.  It was now my son that we were singing about.

I went up to hug him and tell him what a good job he did afterwards.  After hugging him, I saw J all red in the face.  I thought he might be sick.  After talking to him, I realized that it was the fact that C will be leaving.  We hugged for a few moments while each of us cried.  I had never thought how it was going to affect my other children when C leaves.  That broke my heart.

We then went home to feed our families before they needed to head back home.  We had Ropa Vieja tacos and fried ice cream.  I had done it all the day before so it was easy.  And yummy.  It was fun visiting everyone that had come to support us.  We had a house of forty nine I think.

I'm going to bed so grateful.  Grateful for a loving Heavenly Father, a supportive family, my own little family, (people laugh at that since there are nine of us) C's decision, my Latino friends and my ward family.  The Lord has been so good to me.  

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