Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Flu Year

The morning C left for his mission, the flu bug hit our house.  The worst flu bug I have ever seen I might add.  Seriously!  Over the course of the last sixteen days, someone has been sick.  I haven't done this much laundry since we had lice a few years ago.  Yes, I did just admit that.  I've lysoled and bleached my house to death top to bottom several times, only to be disappointed with someone else popping up with the flu again.  I've mopped and scrubbed and wanted to puke multiple times just from the mere fact of cleaning up others' "stuff".   Gag.

I found out that it hit my entire family that week that I took C up to see my grandparents.  Of the 44 of us, over thirty people got it.  Some people twice.  B had it four times.  I had it twice and I even had a flu shot.

The hard part in all of this...knowing that C left for the MTC feeling sick.  Then finding out later that he really was.  And a week and a half in, he still was, even to the point of laying in bed for days.  That was really hard knowing that he felt like crap and was there without me.  In my letter to him I told him that the only comfort I had as a mother knowing that he was sick, was knowing that Heavenly Father was there for him to turn to. We prayed and prayed and then we just had to wait for his letter hoping for the best.  We got his letter this week and he's well again.  Hallelujah!

So now, after almost three weeks, I can finally wish you all a Happy Flu Year!  Happy New Year!

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