Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday nights

For some reason on Sunday evenings, the house is a wreck!  But, it only means that we've been living and having fun together.  Being away from family, we play games, have company over for dinner, make a treat, watch "church" movies, or just hang out Sunday evenings.  The kids don't have school tomorrow so we decided to have a camp out tonight.  The boys helped me set up our new humongous tent in the living room.  We had to push back all the furniture so that it would fit.  I believe it's a ten man tent.

After we got the tent put up, D and the kids invented a new game.  Instead of playing ping pong on the kitchen table, you play ping pong on the kitchen table AND the sliding glass doors.  Kind of like racket ball.  I'm not that good at kitchen table racket ball I've discovered.  The kids teased me that I need a tennis racket to even hit the ball.  Rude.  :)

And what would Sunday night be without a treat?  It's all about Chex Muddy Buddies around here.  Not the teeniest bit of powdered sugar goes to waste.  The boys scrape out the bowl and the girls lick the lid.

We flipped the tent around so that we could watch, "The Prince of Egypt" while laying down with our pillows and blankets.  The kids are having fun watching "Joseph, the King of Dreams" right now.  Seeing how it's a new tent, there isn't any popcorn at the movies this time around.

Then we wrap up the night with our family prayers that we've been diligent at since we now have a missionary.  Chalk it up to one of those blessings from C serving the Lord.  Going to bed grateful again.

What do you do on Sunday nights?

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tgood said...

I love it! I love that you guys are have so much fun! (And I love that you use the kitchen table, walls, etc to play! That's how it should be!!)