Sunday, February 12, 2012

I love them

I am half Mexican.  Did you know that?  Well, I think I should be and some of my friends tease me that I am.  I love their culture and their food.  I could eat it every day.  I love how they dance.  That's where the other half of Mexican isn't.  My hips don't move.  I've tried and tried but they are gringo! jajaja  Oh, and the fact that I don't exactly speak Spanish is kind of a problem too.  

I have made some of the best friends I have ever had in my life.  I love my Latin friends and they love me.  They are from Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Panama and the Honduras.  We have a mutual respect for each other.  We've shared our lives with each other.  We've shared very personal things.  We have fun together.  A lot of fun!

D and I went to a dance with them last night with the theme of "Cruise to the Mexican Riviera".  I ran to Savers to find a blouse to wear and then off to Banana Republic for tall gray slacks.  I painted my nails, scrubbed my rings, lotioned my hands, applied make up to perfection and put on my heels.  Then we were off to our hot date.  I loved bouncing around from one friend to another, genuinely excited to see each other.  We danced and ate and laughed.  D and I had our picture taken together and then after awhile we got a group picture.  It was supposed to be a smaller group picture, but there I was, fighting back the tears amongst my "Spanish speaking" friends.  I was one of them.  I couldn't have been happier.  

D and I talked about our evening after we got home.  We both agreed that we are so blessed to have made such good friends.  They make me so happy.  I love them.  

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Yadira Lopez said...

Savers???? i was jealous of your blouse, still am. I think you were the hottest of all that night! I feel fortunate that I discover you ...just like a Savers treasure blouse! thanks for being my friend and being a trooper when it comes to weird culture differences, you're one of us!