Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm a romantic and I like traditions

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

It was the perfect day.  The kids awoke to Valentine snowflakes and hearts cascading down from the ceiling, heart pillows filled with treats and sock monkeys, dishes full of gummy cinnamon lips, cherry hearts, and suckers with pop rocks speckled on them.  The kids also found a cross word puzzle with clues about themselves and each family member including me, the Valentine Fairy.  My way of saying "Happy Valentine's Day and I love you".

D was greeted with a Cherry Chocolate shake for breakfast this morning.  He thought it was pretty neat.  I thought it was rather romantic.  ;)  He headed off to work with his newest little treasure.

The kids raced off to school with their Valentines for each classmate and their bags and boxes ready to collect their received Valentines at their class parties.

The girls and I each wore our Valentine shirts.  We felt rather festive.

I worked so hard today on D's last gift.  I wanted it perfect.  Ha.  That whole thing of taking a picture of yourself with your arm extended.  What a joke.  My head was everywhere.  Half my head.  One eyeball.  Yesterday's mascara.  I had to wear makeup....just to get a lip shot.  But, my lips aren't perfect.  So, the picture got bigger and bigger.  And still no perfection.  Right when I thought all was lost, I got it.  I got me.  Me at 40.  Not me at 40 airbrushed to death trying to look 27.  So, it did turn out perfect.  Even with the paint in my hair.  Because that is so me.  I threw in a few words that I thought were kind of sexy.  My kids will die if they see that I wrote that word.  They're not allowed to say it.

After running the kids to piano, dinner to a sick friend and then to piano again, I returned home to these beauties in the arm of a really handsome hubby.  I may have sent a little text to him today saying that it was not a hint at all, but that Trader Joes has the best flowers just as a little piece of knowledge.  He texted back saying, "Thanks for the knowledge".  I felt a little sheepish, but I'd rather have a little input than having Albertson roses walk in.  I love you D.  :)

I was so excited to show D my efforts of his last gift when he got home.  He read it and began laughing.  He said, "Did you tell everyone that you hate when I take control?  That you would never let me pull your body in closer?"

Well, I'll have you know that no matter what it said, or how true he thinks it is....we were kissing.  A lot.  He he.  Makes for an awesome Valentine's Day.

I know there are those out there that believe we should love each other every day of the year, not just on Valentine's Day.  True.  But I'm a romantic.  And I like traditions.  They make me happy.


Yadira Lopez said...

You are definitely an inspiration ...thanks for making me part of your Valentines! Love Ya!

Erika said...

Love the scrabble frame and the traditions. I'm all about the traditions too. I love our big Valentine's morning festivities!