Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In the field

I got to speak to C for about two hours yesterday while he was at the airport awaiting his flight to San Diego, CA.  He'll be serving there for a few weeks until his VISA comes through for Mexico.   He's nervous and excited and sounds so good!  He went on and on about how much Spanish he's learned and how much he loves it.  I saw each of the kids' faces light up when they were on the phone with him. 
I woke up to an email sent from his new mission president.  He included these two pictures and told me that he already loves my son.  Such tender and reassuring words to a mother of a missionary. 

Just before I got off the phone with C, I got choked up telling him that he was now able to live his favorite song.  That he could go share this gift that he loves so much with those that are needing and seeking for the truth in their lives. 

It's strange to think that his two months of MTC life are over.  It's gone by so quickly for all of us.  I laid in bed last night hardly able to sleep thinking about all the last few things I wish I had said to him.  Follow all the rules, stay with your companion at all times, be humble, and my favorite from Gordon B. Hinckley's father, "Forget yourself and get to work".  I know that he will. 

I can't help but go back eighteen years when I wrote a little poem for him because of a missionary tag someone had given him.  It said:

My mommy's got me dressed,
So I can go and serve the Lord.
But come on mommy, you should know,
I've got 18 years or more.
I'm learning and preparing,
right now this very day; how to dress,
how to speak, even how to pray.
I've got myself some scriptures,
my tie, and then my badge.
My hair is cut, my pants are clean,
my shirt is even pressed.
I can't wait to serve my mission,
I know it will be great!
Now I'm off to look at scripture pictures,
Off I go, I can't be late.

My son has grown up.  He's a missionary.  I know there's nowhere else he'd rather be than in the field.


Angie said...

oh so awesome! What a fabulous journey for you and your family. Got a few more years before ours begins. Good to have you in the lead, showing me how.

Anonymous said...

i still can't believe this "kid" is on a mission! he will do great! what a great poem. how very happy and proud y'all must be.