Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Stripling Warrior

Just a day or two after C left for his mission, I went to Deseret Book and saw a neat little 3x5 picture I had never seen before. It spoke to me. I saw myself and my missionary son just before he left. It's called, "Farewell my Stripling Warrior" by Del Parson. I bought it and sent it to C telling him why it was so neat to me.

After looking around on line, I found out that I could order a 16x20 limited edition signed print. Giddy with joy, I called and ordered one. After getting it in the mail, I took it in to get framed. Just the mattings were $160 so I passed. Then I got looking around my house and decided I would paint a matting and frame that I already had. Goodbye teal and oak.

I hung it in A's room yesterday. At first when I told him that I was going to hang it in his room, he asked, "Why? I'm not C." Without any hesitation I said to him, "No, you're not. He is what I saw in that picture the first day I saw it. But you, A, are also one of my Stripling Warriors and I love you." He didn't say anything after that.

As I looked admired it yesterday. I then saw myself with A. There I am with my son as he's looking away. It makes me happy to think that I bought it for one son, and it turned out to be for another. Tender mercy. :)

If I want to see myself in the Book of Mormon as one of the mothers that taught them, I must continue to teach  and show my love to my Stripling Warrior.

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Erika said...

My mom had this for my brother growing up. I always loved it. You are doing a great job teaching them. Thanks.