Friday, March 30, 2012

The FHE wrap up

Last night our family had Family Home Evening for the week.  We had a couple people come in to video and interview us for an upcoming stake meeting.  They wanted to capture a few families and how they do FHE, scripture study and family prayer.  It was a long slightly uncomfortable evening.  I don't like to be interviewed and I felt like we all gave the "right" answers.  I heard that A was saying, "This is dumb" throughout the night.  Lovely.  We had all prepared favorite Book of Mormon stories to share with each other.  B did her usual leading us in the song, "I Love to See the Temple".  And the most painful for A, family group hugs.  I'm sure that's where he was saying, "This is dumb".

So, as a mother of course I was nervous when my children were asked different questions to be shared with thousands of people.  Worried that the stake had wished they hadn't chosen our family.  Worried that my kids might go off to bed ornery.  But the thing that had my mind going the most?  What was everyone in my stake going to think of my house?  For the last two weeks I have given great attention to every little detail in the living room.  New accessories, drapes, coffee table, mirrors, you know, the shaking things up a little bit.  It's been perfect.  I have loved it.  But then, then, the two people in our house were moving this and that, making new groupings, totally moving things around to the point that it was embarrassing looking.  Great!  Even my kids had their eyes bonging out of their heads looking at me in disbelief and knowing that "the look" of the house means a great deal to me.  I didn't make all the changes for the "stake", they were simply my motivation to get it done quickly.  :)  Anyway...can't wait to see what the house looks like, what lame comments were kept and the over all feel of our FHE at the next stake meeting.  Please, please keep just the good stuff.  I know it will be hard seeing how I forgot I had a clip in my hair, pancakes sitting on the counter literally, a pole missing from the banister, the zebra fabric on the chairs hanging out on the corners, etc.  Best of luck stake camera crew.

And just because it was so over the top SICK...thought you might enjoy this little decor they put together behind A's interview.

There you go family, the FHE wrap up.


Angelie said...

love the new header! lovely

Erika said...

Wow! That's a crazy little configuration they had going there. I am glad you explained because I was wondering what was going on with your decorating style!!

Also, the FHE video sounds fun and stressful! Hope it turned out great!

Girl Next Door said...

By the way I love the wall color~

brian and amanda said...

lol! i want to see the video. truly!