Thursday, March 29, 2012

Give a book to Gail

I finished my Book of Mormon today.  I couldn't stop myself from reading the thirty extra pages knowing that I would be able to once again kneel down in prayer and then have the Spirit testify of the truths I had read all month.

This time reading the book, I wanted to learn more about the Atonement.  I wasn't really sure if I would learn much about it, but C, my missionary challenged us as a family to learn more about it.  As I noticed myself reading each day, it was very apparent that not only did the prophets testify of Jesus Christ's birth and coming to the earth, but how he was coming to redeem us from our sins, how he is our Savior, the plan of redemption and His sole purpose for even coming to the earth was to give me the opportunity to return to him someday.

All these years, I've been grateful for His perfect example, loved the miracles He performed, the things He taught, and knowing that He is there for me.

But it was this time, that I humbly realized His divine role and what He was willing to do for me.

When just having two pages left to read today, I started crying at the thought of finishing my favorite book.  I didn't want to be done.  I know I have the book and can read it anytime I want, but there is something special about reading it this way and wanting to learn something specific.

After completing the book, I closed my bedroom doors, kneeled down by the side of my bed, and began my humble and sincere prayer. I poured my heart out.  It was a prayer unlike any other prayer I've said before.  I was so full of gratitude, humbled to have received such a gift, determined to do better, and wanting to teach my children all that I had learned more than anything else in the world.  Then I did what Moroni promised.

I continued kneeling there waiting and wondering how the Spirit would testify this time.  Would it be different than before?  This time...."Give a book to Gail".  I cried and cried knowing that the Spirit had manifested it truths once again.  After knowing and loving my neighbor for almost eleven years, I'll be taking over my favorite book, the Book of Mormon.  Perhaps I needed to know more about the Atonement, my Savior and my Redeemer to wipe away any fear of sharing what I love.

What were your thoughts of reading the Book of Mormon this month?  Maybe you need a copy.  I'd be happy to get one for you because I love that book.

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Erika said...

I am so bad. I didn't make it. But I made a giant effort. GIANT. March was hugely hard for me. We went to Disneyland, had family visit and then went to SG for an engagement shoot. It was a busy month. But I will continue to read and hopefully will get done in a couple of weeks, which is faster than I've ever done it before and it's been so amazing. The stories are so rich and full of life. I've loved every minute of it. Thanks for the nudge!