Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Issues with doors

So, on Christmas Eve I slammed my wedding ring finger in the door to the garage.  It hurt.  A lot!  In fact, I couldn't sleep that night because I could feel my pulse in the nail and even the touch of a sheet or blanket made me cry out in pain.  It took an entire week before it didn't hurt at all.  The nail eventually fell off and is somewhat growing back.  It's ugly.  Dang ugly, especially on my ring finger.  It's the finger that everyone looks at.

Well, last week I slammed my thumb on the same hand in the suburban door.  Seriously?  Fortunately I slammed it right on the nail and not down towards the knuckle like the last time.  It hurt but it wasn't throbbing with pain.  So, now I have a black "moon" once again on yet another finger.  Perhaps I'll just wear a glove on my hand for the next several months until it looks normal again.  But then again, seeing how I have door issues as of late, perhaps I should wear a metal glove to save my nails rather than a glove for vanity sake.


Angie said...

steel tipped gloves! That's what you need. Good luck. I've lost several toenails, none of which are pretty, but never any fingernails.

Erika said...

Yikes! I smashed Q's finger in a hinged table recently. I cut his little finger all the way around. Seriously if it had went a little further, it would have come clean off. Anyway, his nail is all black and nasty and I keep waiting for it to fall off. So he can feel your pain I am sure. Poor things!