Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter thoughts

Being the "Bunny" was hard for me this year.  I was so exhausted that I had G and J play the bunny while I collapsed in bed.  I just wasn't in it this year.   I was so physically tired and wiped out plus I was on this spiritual high after really learning about the Atonement this past March.  I walked up and down Target's aisles three or four times looking for things to buy for the baskets, and I just got more put off with each time down the aisle.  The bunnies, the grass, the eggs....gag.  It all seemed so frivolous to me and down right stupid.  It was really stupid when little g asked me tonight what eggs had to do with Easter.  That was it.  We may be doing things really different next year.

I can't say all bad things about today....the girls' new Sunday outfits complete with hair pretties, rhinestone tennis bracelets, earrings, shoes and dresses.  Too cute.

And, I kind of ordered something just for me that came in the mail yesterday.  Crunchie candy bars.  They're my favorite Canadian candy bar.  He he

It truly is a Happy Easter when you reflect on the fact that our Savior Jesus Christ is risen.  What a glorious thing!

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Cheri said...

your girls dresses are so cute! they are getting so big..