Thursday, April 12, 2012

National Licorice Day

A couple weeks ago I read in a local magazine about a Soda Pop and candy store here in town.  They also mentioned National Licorice Day coming up.  D and I went there for our date not long after that.  We were like kids in a candy store.  Literally.  :)

We walked around picking up vintage candies, Canadian Candy bars, suckers with scorpions in them, different soda pops and then a few treats for licorice day.  Too fun.

I took my kids and some nieces there last week.  They had so much fun picking out whatever they wanted with their $5 I gave each of them.  With over one hundred different soda pops there, it was funny seeing four of the kids walking out with A&W root beer.  Some of us were a little braver and walked out with Butterscotch, Smores, and Pumpkin Pie pop.  They were yummy from the moment you popped off the tab and got a whiff of their yummy flavors.  There were some strange ones there.  Like....Sweet corn, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Bacon, and Green apple & Jalepeno.

I've been keeping my licorice stash tucked away until today....then it was time to break in and enjoy this new found holiday.  What am I eating over here?

My black licorice pop, black licorice jelly beans, black licorice shoe strings, black licorice pipe(I gave it to my dad this morning), Crows, Black Jack gum, and licorice caramels that I'll be making.  They are to die for!  I'm kind of liking this holiday.  It's a holiday that D and I can celebrate all by our little lonesomes since none of the kids like black licorice.  Oh, no, it's not National Black Licorice Day, but the kids don't need to know that.

Perhaps I'll just have a nibble of each of them.  You can have too much of a good thing.  That's why I decided against the hugemongous bag of Good and Plenties at Sam's Club this morning.

Happy National Licorice Day!

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