Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Missionary blessings

For the last year and a half I have literally wanted to pull my hair out due to B not being fully potty trained, knowing that kindergarten is just around the corner.  We go through several panties and outfits a day.  Her bedroom carpet needs to be replaced due to so many accidents but I can't do it until I know that she won't continue to pee everywhere.  She's seen many doctors and had many tests, ultrasounds, & MRIs, we've disciplined, we've threatened kindergarten, we've bribed, I've read, I've made potty charts, we've bought I don't know how many pull ups, and still, the peeing continues.  It was about a month or so ago that out of frustration, D got after me telling me that I needed to set aside all decorating, painting, projecting and blogging and just potty train our daughter!  I could not believe he said that!  Kind of like, YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!!!  I flopped myself over B's bed and began wailing.  I was at a total loss not knowing what to do next.  I poured out my heart in prayer and begged for help with this.  After prying myself off of her bed awhile later, I sobbed down the hall to my bedroom crying, "I've tried everything!"
It was just a matter of minutes that I remembered I hadn't tried everything.  I remembered the nurse from the pediatric urologist office, telling me several months ago to go online and order a "potty watch".  It would vibrate and sound an alarm for the child to go pee.  I got on the computer right away and ordered a purple potty watch just for B.  I wasn't too keen on the $42 price tag, but this way I could say that I really had tried everything.  I couldn't wait for it to come and change my life.

A few days later, I found a package in my mailbox.  There it was.  The purple potty watch that was going to finally fix this thing.  B liked it and would run to the bathroom every time she would hear and feel the little alarm.  The watch lasted a whole four days until it made it into the bathtub with B and S.  I needed another one.  So now, $84 later, I had yet another new pink potty watch on it's way to our home.  

Just after having the first purple watch, I received a call from the pediatric urologist wanting a follow up appointment.  It had been almost six months since the last visit.  I scheduled an appointment and was grateful rather than resentful for the call that would have normally been annoying or bothersome.

Over the next couple weeks, although the potty watch seemed to work, it wasn't the cure.  We were still going through outfits like crazy.  D went up to his grandpa's cabin with the girls and ran out of clothes the first day there due to so many accidents.

B met with her pediatric urologist today.  She did many of the same things there that she did six months ago.  The doctor concluded that she in fact cannot control her bladder...all the time.  She started some medicine today that will help her bladder know to hold the pee until it really recognizes that it is full and then will give the signal that, "I need to go pee."  When the doctor told me that there was a medicine for this I about cried.  Not only is there a medicine, but it should correct itself once the bladder is retrained.  She'll be on the medicine for at least four months.  I told the doctor I felt like having a party.  That's when she said, "She's not dry yet."  But I have hope.  I know that there is something physically wrong with B and that there is something way more to this problem than me just training her.

As soon as the doctor told me what she did, I thought back about the random follow up appointment, ordering the potty watches, and then remembered that my missionary told me that he would fast and pray for B to stop peeing a few weeks ago.  Of course.  I knew instantly that this was a direct blessing from C serving his mission.  The promptings I had had.  The phone call.  It made so much sense now.  The real me wants to say that I don't know if this will all work out, but the new me that is really trying to have faith with nothing wavering, tells me that it will happen and it all started out with the faith, prayer and fasting of my nineteen year old missionary.  I hate that I have to wait an entire week to tell him that his prayers are being answered and that his fasting has made things happen.

I told my experience to the kids tonight knowing that it is important for them to be aware of every blessing that we receive as a family by C's willingness to serve.

I'm so grateful.  I'm so happy that I finally have hope.  I'm so blessed because of my son's choice to serve a mission.  Thankful for the blessings we receive by having a missionary.  :)


Amy said...

It was so fun to see you the other night. Glad you found answers. I'm thankful for your example. Yes I read your blog...just very quietly :)

Megan said...

Good Luck. I hear ya when it comes to potty woes. 4 years later and finally getting the help and answers to fix the issue. I feel bad for poor B. I hope the next couple months are much better than expected.