Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Old Kentucky Home

This year we invited our families over to celebrate the Kentucky Derby with us.  It was a big group with lots of food, swimming, darting here and there, and of course, the race.

We had an all you can eat smorgasbord of all the KY have to haves on Derby day.  Complete with huge white chocolate dipped strawberries drizzled with dark chocolate.  Southern green beans steamed and then tossed with bacon and onions.  Hot browns by the cookie sheets full.  Derby Pies with fresh whipped cream.  And all the virgin mint juleps anyone could ever want.

I think the kids had fun coming back for more strawberries and juleps....many times.  That's one thing about my parties, I don't ever want to have to ration food!  This party happens once a year so it's only right to have as much as you want and the kids thought it was great.

Although I found myself apologizing for not having dozens of fresh red roses like every other year, a beautifully decorated buffet area, no stirring straws, and all the other things that I associate with my previous parties, I realized it was much more than that.  Everything didn't need to be perfect.  I let some of the kids help dip the strawberries which I wouldn't have let them help other years.  Just because it always has to have my "stamp" on anything I do.  It was about getting together with family.  Everyone helping.  Making guests feel comfortable in my home.  Seeing the family make the effort to come and then dart here and there all of a sudden to watch A's last volleyball game.  It was about sharing something dear to us with those that we love.  It was about keeping tradition for me and my children.

I'm exhausted out of my mind, but I'm going to bed happy and grateful for a place that is dear to my heart.  Thankful for what used to be, My Old Kentucky Home.

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