Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When you believe

C sent his iPod home for me to put more uplifting songs on it for him.  He made a few requests including songs from "The Prince of Egypt".  I couldn't find our CD so I jumped on to Amazon and got one ordered.  It came in the mail yesterday and I darted upstairs with it excited to get the songs on C's iPod.  The girlies pointing to the CD cover asked what it was.  I told them that it was music for C's iPod.  That's when I hurried and pulled up the song, "When You Believe" sung by Michelle Pfeiffer and Sally Dworsky and starting listening to it.   

I couldn't help but think back years ago when C was just a first grader, A was four, and G was just two months old.  It was a hard time and we were going through something that was very challenging to us.  We were living in a temporary one bedroom motel room for what we thought would be one to two weeks.  It turned out to be four long months.  We weren't prepared for that length of time, or the drastic change in seasons.  All of our belongings were locked away in storage that we couldn't get to, so we had to rough it out until a house became available to us.  That meant no coats, no toys, no older baby clothes, nothing extra.

We lived twelve miles from the elementary school.  That's a long drive in a small town.  Every day I would bundle up my newborn baby, get the boys in their hoodies and head out into the blizzard and freezing temperatures to get everyone buckled in our minivan.  We didn't have a garage so the car was frozen every morning and the kids would cry as I loaded them up in the car.  

Day after day I would make the drive twice a day to take and then pick C up from school.  The trips seemed like wasted miles on the car.  Wasted minutes of my day.  Stupid that I even had to make the trip since I should have been in a house in our eyes.

But every day for weeks on the way to school while driving in our red Ford Windstar minivan, we would listen to the Prince of Egypt CD.  We would sing to it, knowing almost every word of every song.  One day while driving to school we had the song, "When You Believe" blaring in the car while C and A were singing it at the top of their lungs.  I looked in my rear view mirror and just started crying at what a neat "miracle" I was seeing.  There were my cute boys belting out, "There can be miracles, when you believe.  Though hope is frail.  It's hard to kill.  Who knows what miracles.  You can achieve.  When you believe.  Somehow you will.  You will when you believe."  

I remember listening to that song over and over again that day as we made the hour long drive there and back.  That's all I had needed.  It was my new anthem to get through that particular trial.  

I wasn't familiar with "tender mercy" back then.  But it was.  That very moment has brought me more joy than almost any other thing in  my life.  I could say that it is one of my greatest memories ever.  It was sweet and perfect.

I'm so glad that C loves this music as much as I do.  He's doing well on his mission, but he's been dealing with some challenges.  I hope the song can do for him what it did for me all those years ago.  Of course it will, when you believe.  

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