Sunday, May 27, 2012

My dad

My dad stood before his new YSA ward today as their new Bishop.  I listened to my dad testify of the things he knows to be true, telling the YSAs that he loves them and that he hopes they can learn to love him too.  I loved seeing my quiet dad up there being that kind of man.  When he said that he hopes that they can learn to love him too, I thought, psh, of course they will.

 I remember being a little girl and thinking that my dad should be a bishop.  That just says what kind of a man he is, or rather what kind of life he lives.  I remember him being in the bishopric when I was a teenager at girl's camp.  It was "Bishop" night and my dad filled in that year.  Let me just say that NO ONE can do the "Father Abraham" quite like my dad can!  He was funny, hilarious and cool.  I was glad that he was my dad. 

 Over the years, my dad has continued to serve, being the man I have always known him to be.

When my sisters and I went to visit my parents on their mission in the Dominican Republic, I could see that the institute kids loved my dad and had a respect for him.  He was to them what he had always been to me.  He was the father they needed.  My dad may be a quiet man, but lives worthy to have the Spirit at ALL times.  He never speaks of another.  He never says a bad word.  He is amiable.  He is kind.  He works hard.  He is a man of integrity.  He is selfless.  He loves me.

Bishop or no Bishop.  It's not about the title anymore.  My dad is strong.  He is a good man.  I know that he will be exactly who those YSA kids need.  They will love him for all the same reasons I love him.

I love you dad.  Thank you for living the way that you have.  You have been a great source of strength to me and a great example to me and my children.  I admire your willingness to serve.  I love your humility.  I loved being there today.  It was perfect.

I love that you're my dad.

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