Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bronze medal

I couldn't find a league that I wanted J to play basketball in, so I put together a team including J and G, played coach for the last few weeks, recruited my sister as an assistant (ya right, she was awesome at the games and I loved the bench), along with two of her boys and we played in the Utah Summer Games this past week.  It has been so much fun.  None of the boys could do a correct lay up when we started out, so it was fun seeing how much they have learned and gotten better.  I carefully selected players that I could "take care of" for three days to go to the tournament.  The boys were great, they played hard, they got along and were always very respectful.  We came up with our own inside jokes, ate at some fun places, had fun during our down time, and came home with a bronze medal.  Made me feel like an awesome mom.  All that work was worth it.  The boys want to return next year with the same team, and maybe some height.  ;)

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