Saturday, July 28, 2012


So this is merely proof that A went to EFY this year.  He was thrilled about it.  So was his friend.  Everyone else at EFY takes home pictures and pictures of new friends, gathering whole names to become friends on facebook, talking about it for weeks, wearing their wristbands with pride.  Not these boys.  Nope!  

A told me that he hates friends.  That's not far off actually.  lol.  I walked into his room today and found a television in his bag.  He told me that his friend played wii on their spare time.  I asked what he did.  Oh he "slept".  Which I'm sure really was the truth.  I'm shaking my head right now.  

And those beds....looked like long crib mattresses.  I don't know how a six foot two inch guy slept in one.

The details I got?  "They changed the EFY medly and it's not as good as the other one".  Alrighty.

Goes to show you that each child has a different personality.  C could have lived at EFY if I let him.  He loved getting out and meeting people, making new friends, feeling the Spirit around the clock, etc.  To each his own.  To each his own.  Still shaking my head.  :)

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