Friday, July 20, 2012

J goes to BSA

J just turned eleven and requested a bundt cake.  Chocolate, chocolate chip with cream cheese icing.  I think he made a great choice.

He's been so excited to leave Cub Scouts and begin his older scout adventures.  He earned his Arrow of Light and then walked the "bridge" to Boy Scouts.

His friends had some birthday cupcakes for him after working on the swimming merit badge.

We bought a month family membership at the rock climbing gym for his birthday.  He had fun going with his bff Dawson along with A and G all month.

We're not messing around over here.  I'm on boy number four, so I've got this scouting thing down!!  Already have two merit badges earned, two more completed this next week and working on the three three monthers.  Woohoo

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