Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pioneer Day Parade

G and J headed out early this morning for the Pioneer Day Parade where the rest of us soon followed.  I was excited to see my two Boy Scouts marching in a parade together carrying a banner for our Stake Presidency.  I thought it was way cooler than they did.  Probably because they were dying of heat and humidity for blocks and blocks.  

As I watched the little parade go by, I noticed myself smiling and then sobbing, back to smiling and turning away again to cry a little.  I heard the pipe band and got giddy telling my kids, "I used to play that".  I longed to play the bagpipe again.  With a band even.  That would be awesome.  Didn't know I used to play?  I played my first year of college.  I loved learning and finally playing my dream instrument.  I stopped though because I thought all the pipers were weirdos.  They kind of were.

Then I saw a banner come saying the name of the LDS mission that I live in.  Behind the banner walked several full time LDS missionaries carrying the U.S. flag.  That's when I got teary.  Thinking that my own son, C, is serving a full time mission away from his family just like each of those missionaries.  I missed C at that moment.  I smiled, cried and waved as they walked by singing, "Called to Serve".  It was awesome.

Next thing I know there was a real Mexican Cowboy riding his horse down the parade.  Cried a little more.

Then there was a float for the Mormon Battalion.  That visitor center is located in the California San Diego Mission that C just left for Mexico.  I was like, "What the heck is going on around here?  I feel like everything has to do with C!"

Next thing I know, little g is chanting, "Shirt!  Shirt!  Shirt!"  He's gotten a friend to chant with him too.  Next thing I know, a Rugby team is riding by and then little g is handed a shirt.  It was crazy!  He thought it was awesome.  Just after passing us and little g receiving his t-shirt, the rugby team then did a chant thing themselves.  It made me think of the movie, "Forever Strong".  If you haven't see it, you need to.  It is awesome!  And by the way, it's C's favorite movie.  Followed by yet another Mormon Battalion float.

Then the mood lightened a little again when I saw a man fiddling "Orange Blossom Special" on the back of truck.  Made me happy to know that I can still play that song on my fiddle.  :)

Anyway...the parade was neat and I loved seeing my kids march in it.  I loved seeing little g chanting for a shirt and then getting one.  I loved seeing A show up later with a friend to work in a booth afterwards.  I loved all the little reminders about my son serving a mission.  I loved hearing the bagpipes and the fiddle.  I loved that we could help celebrate the pioneers and their arrival to the Salt Lake City Valley.

What an awesome day.  I can't wait to go next year to the Pioneer Day Parade.

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