Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Braces, lakes and belly flops

I took G into the orthodontist early this morning to get his braces on.  He opted for the blue bands.  

When we got home, I was excited to tell the other kids it was raining outside.  But....I walked into the kitchen only to find the back sliding glass doors open and this going on in the back yard.

I guess you could say that the kids already knew that it was raining.  They were out doing belly flops, kicking up the water, laying out the Tupperware to see exactly how much rain we were getting, and laying out.  lol

It rained here for hours.  Probably the most rain I've seen here in years; maybe ever.  We watched the yard fill with water, the pool water line raise two to three inches and the yard turtle swim.  The sound of the thunder, the smell of the rain and the darkening of the greens and soil was beautiful.

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