Monday, August 20, 2012

B's five

B had her first birthday party since she turned 5.  I've dreamed of throwing girl parties for years so I was thrilled to think that I could finally have one.  Thing is...after all these boys, and probably the time of year with my grandpa's funeral and everything, I really didn't feel like doing one.  I asked B what she wanted and she said that she wanted to swim and have zebra stuff.  I was thrilled at such a laid back, no decor, no frills party.  But after just five minutes of swimming, we saw lightning.  With absolutely no back up plan we had a "tea party" which was absolutely pathetic and then painted nails.  The sun showed up again and so I told the girls to jump in the pool.  They were thrilled.  Probably because the tea party and nail thing was so lame.  haha  Ten minutes before the party was over, the girls opened gifts and then ran out in the street to catch candy that was shot out of the candy cannon.  Done!  Party over.  :)  Although I thought it was lamo of all lameness, the girls seemed happy with it all and then that's when I remembered that kids just want to play together.  I learned that years ago when I would go all out for parties, practically ready to write books on doing so.  Now, we just throw the kids in the pool, buy them water guns, or shoot out candy and call it a party.

Until next May, when I'm sure S will demand all things princess-y.

My dear B,
     I love you so much.  It is crazy to believe that five years ago I walked into the hospital telling the nurse I was there to pick you up.  You have been such a joy in my life and I'm so grateful for you.  I can't imagine my life without you.  It's been the fastest and best years of MY life.  Happy Birthday sweetheart.

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