Monday, August 20, 2012

Hyena Pitbull

Have you ever seen a hyena pit bull?  They're real.  Really. I saw one at my grandma's house yesterday.  Well, actually it was while I was trying to get into my grandma's house.  My sister J and her chub-a-lub (aka five month old 26 pounder) went to visit my grandma with my three little kids before returning home.  We pulled up to her house and started to climb out of the car when this ferocious looking beast comes running over to us.  I yelled at the kids to climb back in as I was practically throwing them into the car while my sister just froze on the sidewalk.  The dog left me and ran over to my sister where I asked her, "Where is it?"  She then pointed right behind her.  While standing in my car I yelled at the dog and honked at him trying get him to leave my sister and her armload (Remember he's a load and a half.)  Seeing that I was parked right behind my dad's truck, I began yelling at my dad with hopes of him hearing me from my grandma's house to come out and rescue us.  No such luck.  So, I called my grandma.  She asked how I was doing and I told her the normal, "good" and then I proceeded to tell her that....

"J and I are outside of your house and we're trying to come in but there's like a hyena pit bull trying to get us.  Is my dad there?"  Rather than just tell my dad to go save his daughters' lives, she hands the phone over to him.  I look up at that point and see my sister making a run for the front door.  And so is the dog!  I start yelling at my sister, "Go J!  Run!"  And then I don't care who is on the other end of the phone and I start screaming, "Open the door!  Open the door!  Open it NOW!"  Because at that point the dog is at my sisters' heels.

My mom answers the phone and tells me that she thought we were out at her house and there was a hyena or something.  I tell her that my three little kids and I are all out in my car and that we couldn't get in because of the dog.  Next thing I know, one of my aunts gets the dog and walks it down the street.  I'm thinking she's nutso at this point but I make a run for it to safety with my three little kids.  It's all funny inside the house once everyone starts talking about what they thought was going on and the translation that got lost between my grandma and them about a hyena.  

The dog returns and sits next to the front door looking in as we're visiting and I'm staring back at him wondering when he was going to leave.  My mom had to go get something out of her car, so my aunt got the dog distracted while my mom reluctantly went outside.  We were giggling at my mom as she was looking left and then right and then back left just to make sure the hyena dog was gone.  She got back safely and then we continued to visit again.

My mom then left for good to go to a meeting once she was sure that the dog wasn't anywhere around.  Next thing we knew, my mom was running back to the door.  I yelled, "Open the door.  Mom is coming back and the dog must be chasing her!"  She stopped at the front window and through the screen she said while giggling, "Someone left your car open so I went over to close the door, saw that the seat was wet from the rain and then saw the dog.  The dog is in your car!"

What the heck?  I think I screamed that actually.  The room was laughing at the thought of the dreaded beast of a hyena pit bull in my car.  Then my mom says that she closed the door.  So not only was it in my car, but my mom closed the door on it.  So I dragged my aunt out to get the dog that she somehow wasn't afraid of.  She took the dog waaaaaaay down the street and then my mom was on her way.

My sister and I giggled and laughed about it all night and onto the next day.  We pulled D and the boys into the living room to tell them the story and they just sat there.  But, to my sister and me it will always be a funny  memory.

And after googling "hyena pit bull", this is what I found.  Here you go.  The hyena pit bull.

aka American Staffordshire Terrier

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Charlotte said...

I'm dying over here! DYING! You are cracking me up!