Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of school

I sent each of the kids off to school this morning not really ready for summer to be over.  We've had such a fun summer with all of our trips, camp outs, reunions, Summer Games, daily swims, merit badges, seeing family and the Olympics.  I never got to the point that I was ready for the kids to go back to school.  I'll miss them.

You can tell that a new school year was nothing new around here.  No new school clothes, not really anything to go in lunches, no school supplies, no socks for B, no carpools lined up.  That doesn't exactly sound like a family that has done this for fifteen years going strong.  I guess my point is, everyone is laid back and I like it that way.  We ran to Kmart this morning to get B some socks, little g a lunchbox and grabbed some pop tarts while we were there for breakfast.  It was awesome.  hehe

School times are crazy this year.  Seminary at 7 then senior half day out at I don't even know when.  I guess I'll know when I see A sometime today.  Can't believe I've got another senior.  His plans for the future?  To be a professional hobo.  I laugh and giggle and hope with all my heart he's just saying it to get a reaction.

Middle school at 7:30 to sometime in the 1's.  I guess I'll get there at 1:00.  G and J are my 7th and 6th grade middle schoolers.

Little g is the big brother in elementary school this year as a second grader.  It will be good for him to play the role of the big kid for his little sister.

Kindergarten from 9-11:40.  I'll almost get to do something.  :)  It was actually hardest to see B leave this morning.  I just keep thinking back to when we received the phone call that she would be in our lives.  The time has gone by too quickly.

And then there is S in preschool two mornings a week from 9-11:30.  What the??  How in thE world did my kids, specifically the girls, grow up so fast?  People told me that they would grow up fast and to enjoy them.  I did, but I still can't believe it.  I'll have two mornings a week to myself.  Those are two mornings that I could never even try to see in my future.  What in the world will I do all by myself?  I'm sure I'll find something.  ;)

We'll get this whole schedule thing figured out today along with buying school supplies and lunch foods.  I am excited for the structure that the school year brings.  Not only for the kids but for me as well.  I've got some goals set for myself.  Should be a good year.

Have a great school year everyone!


Angelie said...

Austing & ben would get along so well! Ben wants to be a bum :)

Erika said...

Fun fun! And can't believe B is in Kindergarten! They do grow up fast!