Friday, August 10, 2012

I love you Grandpa

I lost my grandpa today.  I can't help but to think back over the years and all the memories I have of him.

92 memories for 92 years

1.  Taking me to Disneyland when I was five
2.  Taking me to the beach
3.  Taking me to Knott's Berry Farm
4.  Buying me the Tinkerbell tea dishes
5.  Eating cold cereal out of a tiny cereal box with milk in the parking lot
6.  Riding in the back, back of the pick up truck
7.  Singing, "Grandpa and Grandma are going away on a Mission" for their London mission farewell
8.  Getting a super hero quilt for Christmas while they were on their mission
9.  Thinking my grandpa should be the prophet when I was a child
10.  Going to Minersville for his family reunions
11.  His mom, my great-grandma
12.  His brother G
13.  His brother S
14.  His sister R
15.  His brother N
16.  His sister E
17.  The toy closet
18.  Peach pit buffalo
19.  Peach pit monkeys
20.  Zuccini cake
21.  His homemade bread
22.  Chew juice
23.  Buying grandma a piano so that she could learn how to play
24.  Leaving for their Atlanta mission
25.  Sunday visits
26.  Creamies
27.  The talking fish on the wall
28.  The horseshoe door knocker
29.  The snowball bush
30.  His garden
31.  Yard animals
32.  When his leg was chainsawed on the mountain
33.  His hat collection around the family room downstairs
34.  Skin cancers burned off
35.  Him reciting poems
36.  Him singing songs
37.  His tattoo of "grandma"
38.  Elk tooth ring
39.  Collection of cologne bottles
40.  Phone with a long cord
41.  Collection of grandchildren's pictures on bookcases
42.  Visiting he and grandma while on their family history mission in SLC
43.  Hearing them talk about working in the cannery
44.  Visiting them in their little condo in St. George
45.  Going to Kmart on Black Friday and picking out a sweater for Christmas
46.  Jewelry box when I was in high school
47.  Our family got tires for Christmas from them one year
48.  Playing my violin at their house
49.  Fiddling with my sisters at his family reunion
50.  Telling the story where he ended saying, "...pulling my leg, just like I am yours."
51.  Letting my cousin live with them
52.  Always feeling comfortable in their home
53.  Marrying me to D
54.  Marrying my brother C
55.  Marrying my sister L
56.  Marrying my sister E
57.  Marrying my sister J
58.  Marrying my sister C
59.  Sealing B to my family
60.  Marrying my brother B
61.  His temple on the wall with all the grandchildren and children he sealed
62.  Helping me visit my parents while they served their mission
63.  Going to my basketball games
64.  Interviewing him as one of my family veterans
65.  Visiting them in Caliente when I was four
66.  Dominoes
67.  Skip Bo
68.  Rummikub
69.  My kids playing in the snow in their front yard
70.  Him telling me that he loved me and that I was a special grandchild
71.  Taking pictures of he and grandma
72.  Visiting us in South Dakota for C's baptism and Thanksgiving
72.  Attending J's blessing when he was a baby
73.  Sitting on the couch
74.  Seeing him worry about his children
75.  The Rock Church
76.  49ers fan with Steve Young
77.  His little fishing boat
78.  Homemade candies
79.  Visiting me a couple years ago with my aunt and uncle
80.  Long sleeves
81.  Visiting them on Halloween one year
82.  D trying to slip me the tongue on the temple steps in front of grandpa just after being married
83.  My kids singing, "Grandpa" for Father's day this year
84.  When I sang, "Grandpa, Tell me 'bout the Good Old Days" to him
85.  Sealing my cousin T
86.  Sealing my cousin E
87.  Marrying my cousin A
88.  Calling him every year on Veteran's Day so that we could sing to him and thank him
89.  His 50th wedding anniversary days after I got engaged
90.  His phone number
91.  His address
92.  His love for my grandma, 71 years

Grandpa, you have been a wonderful example to me.  I appreciate your service to our country, your love for the temple, missionary service, and the way that you and grandma were with each other.  You are leaving a beautiful legacy, one of which I will try to pass on to my own children and posterity.  You will be missed.  I love you Grandpa.


Charlotte said...

Oh T, I'm so sorry to hear this. Of course you and your family will be in our prayers.

Chad Banks said...

That's a cool list. He will be missed.