Monday, August 6, 2012

The new shoe

A got back from High Adventure on Saturday complete with a funky new walk and a swollen foot.  He told us how much it had hurt and that he had had to hike out over three miles that way.  We quickly gave him some ibuprofen  to help with the swelling and pain and then waited to see how he was over the weekend.  Once Monday morning rolled around and his foot wasn't able to flex or move at all, I decided to get an appointment with his pediatric orthopedic.  He thought it was ridiculous to go waste money only to find out that nothing was broken.  I told him that I had waited too long after several breaks only to find out that yes indeed the bones were broken.  I wasn't going to go that route again!  So we went to the doctor, where he was embarrassed to even be there and pointing out once again the money I was throwing away.  I must smiled and waited to be called back.  They x-rayed him and sure enough.  Long fracture down his fourth toe where it connects to the foot.  No wonder.  He told A that he had two options.  He could wear a cast or he could wear a bunion boot.  He opted for the boot, kind of smiling at the new news.  We then went downstairs to turn in our prescription for a bunion boot.  I was secretly feeling bad for him thinking it was one of those blue and white things my grandma would wear after surgeries.  They asked what size he needed.  We both giggled and then I said, "A fourteen".  We all laughed after that knowing what a funny thing it was to be at a pediatric place needing a men's size fourteen shoe.  But, other grown boys have hurt their feet too so there actually was a boot there that fit him.  He said that his foot felt better immediately having his foot mobilized like that.  He's worn it all except for climbing in bed.  It makes it feel that much better.  His leaders and friends were all shocked to see that his foot had been hurt.  They wondered how on earth he had ever even climbed out since it was such a physically and demanding hike. That's when I said, if anyone has to get hurt, it's best to be A since he never complains, doesn't want any drama or attention and will suck it up.  Glad he's okay with the new shoe.

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