Sunday, September 30, 2012

I love my calling

Today was the primary program at church.  I'm the chorister in the primary so I've been working hard all year teaching multiple songs to the children.  I love my calling.  I mean I really love it.  The first Sunday I got in there, I told myself that I had to let my hair down and just be me; even if adults were there watching me as well.  Well, I have.  Have I ever!!  I love the teaching aspect, sharing my testimony, and being in front.  I like attention when I'm in control.  Put me on the spot with a question and I'd rather curl up and become invisible, which I have proven when I say, "I don't know" even if they ask me my name.  Anyway, I love my calling.

Knowing that I would be standing in front of the congregation today with my bum facing them, I bought myself a girdle, (Oh yes, I went there!  I'm trying to be real here.  Not all of us are size one and a halves with gaps between our legs like you see all the girls on Pinterest in their colored skinny jeans!)  So, with my girdle on, a cutsie layered outfit including a deep purple sweater cardigan with sleeves so that my wiggly arms weren't  too visible, boots without a heel so that I wasn't six foot three inches tall, and my hair extensions, I confidently stood up and down nine times today.  Nine times with the hugest grin ever.  I got feedback from some saying how much fun they had watching me because of my smile and that they could tell I really loved what I was doing.  Makes me happy.   Have I said how much I love my calling?


Angie said...

Big Smile! We had our program yesterday too. I teach the 6yo class (one of 3, so you can imagine the size of our primary!) But for 4 years, I was the chorister. It's one of those callings that I had to learn (slowly) to love because I don't like being in front and it really is performing for 2 hours each week. But once I figured out how to just let loose and be silly (primary pox for example) and revel in the wonderful blessing of sharing my testimony with the pure and powerful of the ward, every week then I learned how to love it and the program is definitely the powerful culmination of all that. So glad you had a wonderful program and Sabbath!

brian and amanda said...

that is awesome! can you come over here and be our chorister? :)